NetSuite Integrations – What’s the best integration solution?

Your company may use existing platforms such as SalesForce, Shopify, Coupa, or a number of other CRM, eCommerece, or expense reporting software that you need integrated into NetSuite. The benefit of NetSuite integration is having a single accurate database for all your reporting and accounting needs. Many companies struggle getting these integrations right which can …

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NetSuite PII Removal Bundle

Sometimes doing a search for a customer in your system, even with wildcard characters in the global search, doesn’t reveal everything in NetSuite with that customer’s data: There may be fields that aren’t exposed to the global search, other records or files containing the reference to a customer’s PII (Personally Identifiable Information). With this bundle …

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Visualizing NetSuite Data

My non-profit work on has taught me how data can be visualized to gain a quicker and deeper understanding. By visually mapping your NetSuite data (invoices, customers, leads, sales rep territory, etc.) and even combining it with other data sources such as COVID-19 data (e.g. county/state restrictions) we may draw unique comprehendible insights. As …

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Setting Up the SuiteCloud CLI for Node.js

What I’m using: iTerm2 on mac OSx JDK ( version 11 – ) node js ( version 10.2 ) npm ( version 6.14 ) Some prerequisites to get the SDF CLI working include making sure you have a token-based authentication integration setup, a user role setup with sufficient permissions, and the bundle “SuiteCloud Development …

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NetSuite has officials introduced their Node.js SuiteCloud Development Framework. I’ll be posting some tutorials on using it soon, until then please check out their Git repository SDK which includes both: • CLI for Node.js• Unit Testing framework

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