NetSuite PII Removal Bundle

Sometimes doing a search for a customer in your system, even with wildcard characters in the global search, doesn’t reveal everything in NetSuite with that customer’s data:

There may be fields that aren’t exposed to the global search, other records or files containing the reference to a customer’s PII (Personally Identifiable Information). With this bundle you may select which unique fields on the customer record you consider to be PII:

Then execute a system-wide search for that information with your choice to: delete it, replace the data with placeholder text or pseudonyms, encrypt the data, or download all the customer’s data into a Zip file collection of CSVs of each record.

If your organization is in need of compliance with the latest set of privacy laws which include generating reports of customer data, to removing all traces of it from your NetSuite instance, then please reach out to see how this bundle can help!